Beauty: Various Forms and Types

beauty various forms and types

“Every person is born faultless and is perfect in him/her. Inferiority is considered to be a fault of the mind and is regarded as a cloud covering the light. One should thus dissolve the clouds by examining a balanced life along with good habits. One should nourish his/her mind and body. One should try to get connected with his/her own inner self. One should celebrate his/her own brilliance and one’s beauty will forever shine through.” –These are the golden words of a well- known person.

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Hazard Analysis In Food

hazard analysis in food

Food is a source of energy and other nutrients to support human life. But food can also become a vehicle for human health nuisance elements, which form a natural element that has become part of the food, and went into the food in a certain way. In general, the danger arising from the food is often referred to as food poisoning. Hazards may occur through the elements of microorganisms, chemical or natural. The disease is caused by the above three elements are classified into three types, namely:

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